A Long History of Supplying Hotel Furniture in Canada

Since opening in 1985, Nerval Corporation has built its reputation on providing high profile hotels with a quality of furniture that they can trust, as well as adaptable styles that are in keeping with their business. Nerval is proud to provide products you can rely on.

Opening a hotel is a big investment. It is an investment that is often a long term commitment, and every little detail needs careful consideration. When you are purchasing hotel furniture, it is important to ensure your business puts its best foot forward from the beginning with a quality of decor that reflects the quality of your business. At Nerval Corporation, we understand that it is important to hit a balance between high quality furniture, and prices that are affordable. We meet these criteria.

Select from Our Wide Range of Hotel Furniture

Choose from our wide range of hotel furniture, from fixtures and equipment, to just about everything else. All of our furniture is thoroughly inspected and tested by our team of quality control professionals before it reaches your door. The quality of our products is tantamount to the success of our business, and we believe it is this quality that makes Nerval a business people can trust.

Our FF&E product range can be 100% customized to meet your requirements. This includes our full range of case goods that are 100% customizable, as well as a wide selection of hotel furniture that can be adapted to meet your requirements. Our full range of products are listed here.

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